ultra fine for optimum plant availability


GEOSOIL is made from scientifically tested rock minerals adding essential nutrients and returning balance and fertility to soils – the way nature intended. Long lasting and remains in the soil available to plants when needed.



GEOSOIL mineral fertiliser is in a totally natural form. There’s been no purifying or altering of its original state, we’ve simply taken what occurs in nature over hundreds of years and made it happen in a matter of days. Locally sourced volcanic and metamorphic geo-minerals are put through our advanced production facility to create a super-fine, element-rich and highly reactive powder.



Within the soil, there’s a whole world of life at work, processing the raw materials and converting them into plant nutrients. In fact, the soil micro-organisms are able to regulate the supply of nutrients by choosing to digest scarcer elements and leaving behind more prevalent elements for later digestion when stocks are depleted. Adding GEOSOIL feeds the soil that, in turn, feeds your plants.



The rocks used in GEOSOIL provide a balanced array of naturally occurring nutritious mineral elements to feed your plants and soil. This special formula creates healthy, nutrient-rich soil for years to come. Like anything, soil loses its vitality over time, so why not give it a little love dust? GEOSOIL mineral fertiliser is the perfect addition, restoring harmony and balance.

Why choose GEOSOIL?

By mimicking nature we have developed a mineral-rich supplement, perfect when preparing soils for planting or added topically and watered into the veggie patch, garden bed and pot plant.

  • 100% natural premium minerals
  • Feeds soil microbes and beneficial bacteria that enhance fertility
  • Replicates the natural soil forming process
  • Produces more nutritious and better tasting food
  • Supports healthy development of all plants
  • Reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers
  • Full spectrum of nutritious elements
  • Corrects pH imbalances
  • Increases resistance to frost, heat, drought, pest and disease attack ao

GEOSOIL is an Australian based company dedicated to the development of low cost, unrefined and holistic gardening and farming practices.

Dr Paul Hamlyn leads the team at GEOSOIL with over 25 years experience as a geological consultant, a professor at the university of Columbia USA and the CEO of international company Ore Research & Exploration Pty Ltd.

Rhys Hamlyn (BAgrSc) is the sales manager – contact here.


One packet (100g) per square metre of soil.

Simply cut open packet and sprinkle a thin layer over the soil and water in. For best results work into the soil.

Add 1/2 to 1 packet to watering can, fill with water and pour onto soil.

Rinse watering can with water after use to prevent perforated head from becoming blocked.


Soil Prep

100-200g (1-2 packets) per square meter combined with soil before planting.



100g (1 packet) per square meter every 3-4 months. (Vegetables, Fruit trees, Flowers, Shrubs and Natives)


Compost heap

100g (1 packet) or a thin layer poured over compost heap every 3 months. Enhances microbial activity, pH balance and reduce stinky odours.

Get in touch

Sales enquiries please contact Rhys Hamlyn (BAgrSc)

+614 99 303 300


GEOSOIL office
37A Hosie Street
Bayswater North Vic 3153